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To contact our office, call 248-629-2880.
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Providing You with Health Care at Home



Our team shares the desire to provide a higher standard of care to those we serve. From our office staff to our clinicians: our people have a passion for compassion.


By raising the bar on the quality of care we provide, the people we hire and the processes we have in place, we are able to produce better outcomes. 


We are passionate about providing outstanding home health services to patients. Our focus is on optimizing outcomes and providing each patient with the best care possible.

Love what you do…where people will love the way you do it.

At Custom Home Health, we settle for nothing less than the best people, the most caring and competent clinicians, and the highest level of professional standards. Our team works hard to go above and beyond to provide the best care possible for our patients. They are the people that consistently go the extra mile in everything that they do. We aren’t just looking for bodies to fill an office. Instead, we are looking for the best people who embody the same standards of values and excellence that drives our company.

By fostering a genuine culture of fun, energy and empowerment, Custom Home Health attracts professionals who love what they do … as the Custom Way resonates with those who love the way we do it.

Staff on call 24/7

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