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elevating expectations. elevated care. ®

Elevating Care to a New Standard

At Custom Home Health, we are committed to going far above and well beyond what many have come to expect from a home health care provider. We don’t simply meet your expectations — we raise them!

• Our team is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. We are proud to offer same-day service, as well as weekend evaluations and assessments.

• Our service area covers all Southeast Michigan with local clinicians in each area.

• According to Medicare, we continually rank higher than our competitors and statewide and national averages.

• We have received numerous awards highlighting our commitment to quality care.

When you hold yourselves to a higher standard, it shows … in outcomes, in patient satisfaction, and in caregiver gratitude. And when you love what you do, those in your care will love the way you do it.

Custom Home Health was founded in 2011, Custom Hospice was added in 2016 and the Custom family grew again in 2019 with the addition of Custom Palliative Care.

Values We Live By

Awards and Recognition

The Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC) has fully accredited Custom Home Health, Inc. We ensure all our practices are up to their national standards, so you and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing that each home health worker has been full trained and is fully complaint. This accreditation extends to licensed Registered Nurses (RNs), Home Health Aides, Dieticians, Physical Therapists (PTs), Occupational Therapists (OTs), Speech Language Pathologists (SLP), and Medical Social Workers (MSW).

Custom Home Health has been named a Home Health Cardiovascular Pioneer thorough the Home Health Quality National Campaign, an initiative of the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The centers provide health coverage to more than 100 million elderly, children and the new health insurance marketplace, and are an organization dedicated to prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disorders.

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