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IV Infusion

This program will enable the patient to be discharged from the hospital, receive IV antibiotic therapy at home and prevent unnecessary admissions to skilled nursing facilities.

Home IV antibiotics and hydration therapy
Custom Home Health accepts Medicare patients to administer IV therapy in the home setting following Medicare guidelines.
•  The patient will be managed by our hi-tech nursing team
•  Custom will work with the infusion therapy company in the coordination of  services to ensure proper, scheduled delivery of the IV medication(s) and  supplies.
•  Custom will follow scheduled IV medication administration as ordered by a  physician. 

•  Provide IV site care; IV therapy program implementation
•  Assess needles, supplies, site for contamination
•  Teach patient/caregiver proper universal precautions and hand washing  procedures, S/S of infiltration, flushes of heparin and normal saline, site  care/dressing changes, proper IV treatment administration; and who to call for question/concerns.
•  Obtain blood for specific lab tests as ordered by a physician.
•  Multiple medication teaching, including route, schedule, functions, and possible side effects.
•  Assess the patient’s response to treatment and/or intervention.

List of common IV treatments
•  Vancomycin
•  Cefazolin
•  Rocephin
•  Clindamycin
•  Gentamycin
•  Tobramycin
•  Flagyl
•  Cipro
•  Hydration Therapy

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